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The number of children with unhealthy breathing habits is increasing. As a result more and more children are developing disorders such as asthma, snoring, crooked teeth and other dental problems, tonsillitis and upper respiratory tract infections. Children respond well to breathing retraining and breathing well sets a child up for a healthier, happier life.

Have you noticed that the health problems that children experience today has changed? Allergies, ADHD, asthma, chronically blocked nose, mouth-breathing, crowded and crooked teeth, and sleep problems such as snoring and sleep apneoa are all increasing. Each of these conditions can be caused by, or exacerbated by how a child breathes.

If you suspect your child has a breathing problem, a simple breathing assessment and health history will help determine what can be done to help your child’s health get back on track.

In addition, orofacial myology can help address a range of factors that can adversely affect the development of the face, airways and healthy breathing habits. Habits such as nail biting, thumb, finger and object sucking, and prolonged dummy and bottle sucking promote mouth-breathing, affect facial development and can influence the development of crooked teeth and other dental issues.

Addressing these problems while a child is still young optimises their growth and development and minimises future healthcare and dental care costs.