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The most frustrating happening for someone suffering with anxiety and panic disorder is to be told that it is "all in your head." The symptoms caused by anxiety and panic disorder, along with the feeling of anxiety itself, are very real and often happen because of changes in body chemistry related to a change in breathing. Breathing retraining will put you back in charge of your life.

The connection between our mind and our physiology is a powerful one. Anxiety and fear can precipitate a number of physiological changes in the body, and conversely, physiological changes in the body can precipitate anxiety and fear. Many sufferers of anxiety and panic disorder suffer with hidden, chronic hyperventilation – breathing more than what the body requires. While over-breathing is generally not detectable by the sufferer or those around them, it may cause changes in the body that increase the feelings of anxiety and fear. Coupled with a stressful event or stressful thoughts this in turn may cause even further over-breathing – precipitating a cascade of very real physical symptoms to occur, including the feeling of being short of breath as often happens in a panic attack.

Breathing retraining for those who suffer with anxiety and panic disorder is a process of learning and discovery. You will learn how breathing impacts body chemistry, and through the use of biofeedback capnography training you will discover how breathing impacts your individual symptoms and feeling of well-being. Most importantly you will learn how to normalise your breathing, even when feeling anxious and stressed. With these new tools you will be firmly back in control of your life.