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Oral habits impact facial, dental and airway development and orofacial myology can turn this around. Do you have a child that needs help with…

These habits all have a negative impact on orofacial function, facial development, the health of the teeth, and airway development.

Orofacial Function, Facial Development and Dental Health

Dentists agree that the leading cause of crooked teeth is mouth-breathing and low tongue posture. For its size the tongue is one of the strongest muscles of the body, and the correct rest position of the tongue (against the upper palate) provides the mechanical forces to widen the palate, allowing the teeth to descend without crowding. Low tongue posture, which results in a narrow palate, smaller airways and crowded teeth, is the result of mouth-breathing and a number of other causes. Orofacial myology focuses on improving orofacial function through strengthening the lips, tongue and face muscles and correct tongue posture. It is an effective method of helping individuals achieve correct resting tongue posture and convert to nasal breathing both day and night. When it comes to improving the orofacial habits of a child and saving money on dental and health bills into the future the best time to start is now!